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Astronomical Timer

  • Easy to program and operate.
  • Astronomical clock automatically adjusts to local sunrise/sunset times
  • Operates on Astronomical Time.
  • Manually and automatically adjustable to “on” or “off” as per sunset or sunrise.

Perfect for places like plazas outdoor lights, sign boards, street lights, townhouses, and any other place where electricity may be used for long light after sunset or after sunrise.

Astronomical time-based operation.

  1. Install
  2. Enter location
  3. Select twilight time
  4. And forget to worry about it

Basic Model

  • great saving ( up to 41 %).
  • ease of service ( reduce maintaannce cause.
  • precise clock ( 8 year battery backup).
  • fully protected.
  • weather proof.
  • Longitude Lattitude based Switching
  • Adjustable civil twilight time for accuracy
  • Long life real time clock with inbuilt battery
  • Long life parameter storage without power
  • Remote ans spot programming facility

Advance Model

  • ncludes all features from Basic Model +
  • GSM / GPRS remotemonitoring and control
  • GPRS basedindivedual Lamp level monitoring and control
  • 24×7 monitoringavailabale anywhere, without installation on

Why Astro Timer

Intelligence is required in street lighting system due to higher change in sun rise/set time.


When it’s Bright, Turn off the Lights

Install Astro Timer to Save Electricity and Time